Increase biomass and harvest yield through regular use of pureBacteria™

The synergistic liquid blend of microbial strains in pureBacteria™ ABL are proven to enhance shrimp and fish health and enhance water quality of ponds, raceways, and hatcheries. pureBacteria™ serves to rapidly break down organic waste, helping promote a safe ecosystem for maximum yeild and survivability. pureBacteria™ ABL contain four types of bacteria that can be applied to significantly improve shrimp and fish health and enhance water quality of ponds, raceways, and hatcheries.

PureBacteria™ ABL rapidly digests high concentrations of organic matter and sludge in a safe and natural way, reducing ammonia and other harmful compounds through a natural oxidation process and promotes the production of oxygen. pureAquabiotic's bacteria is turned into shelf-stable spores using a patented process, thus assuring high quality and improved growth and survivability.​​



  • Reduces the biological demand of oxygen, achieving a higher availability of dissolved oxygen for high-density cultivation and increased growth rates.

  • Reduces levels of ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorous, and other harmful compounds.

  • Colonizes digestive tracts, promoting better digestibility, immunity, health and survivability.

  • Accelerates the decomposition of sludge, waste, and organic matter, thus enhancing the floors of ponds.

  • Eliminates disagreeable tastes and smell.

  • Stabilizes algae bloom which consume large amounts of oxygen.

  • Serves as a bioremediator of stagnant water.



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